HEMELIOS is a digital currency, designed with an innovative concept of monetary creation, to the best interests of its investors. The code of the Ethereum ERC-20 has been programmed by a reputable blockchain company and went successfully through an internal audit followed by two external audits.  

HEMELIOS was initially launched on the 15th of november 2019 through the Ethereum protocol with 50,000 HEMELIOS issued, and privately subscribed on the 3rd of January 2020 at a price of an Hemelios = 1 Bitcoin.  (Btc value : 6339€ / 7100$)


On the 24th april 2020, 10,000 HEMELIOS tokens have been issued on Waves blockchain, and 10,000 tokens have been burnt on ETH blockchain.


Total supply: 50,000 HEMELIOS  (40,000 on ETH blockchain and 10,000 on Waves blockchain)

The contract address of HEMELIOS (HEM) on ETH : 0x19747816a030fecda3394c6062cdf6b9b4db0e0b

The repository of Hemelios token is available here: https://github.com/Hemelios/hemelios-token 

The TXID of HEMELIOS on Waves : 8pzP3qMo9P6vsvJ2FoCt6844kUeDVEvi7kGb6Reac6Cr

HEM is supported in Ledger hardware wallet (Nano S, Nano X and Ledger Vault), and Trezor hardware wallet (One, Model T), as well as Coldlar hardware wallet (Pro 3, Touch, Smart).

Hemelios (HEM)

“Thereby HEMELIOS token (HEM) is, by design, a breakthrough innovation which defends, above all, the interests of investors.”


The only official URL for Hemelios is https://www.hemelios.io/

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The only official tweeter account  is https://twitter.com/Hemelios_HEM

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